Lori in Tollstigen, Norway

Hi, I’m Lori Wostal, creator of WorldTrotter Lori!

I built WorldTrotter Lori to record my personal journey as I trek across the globe exploring our amazing world doing the stuff that I really enjoy. With every step along the journey I learn more about our world and its inhabitants, and that includes myself.

Lori descending her first 14er, Handies Peak in the San Juan Mountains of beautiful Colorado.

It’s important for me to share my journey with you to inspire you to get out there and explore in your own unique way. Not every adventure has to be epic and the cool thing is that we get to define what epic is to us. I hope my writings, photography, and videos give you the encouragement to get out there and create your own journey, even if it’s just following along with me here.

There’s a huge world out there, but I’ve learned that sometimes it’s the little things that mostly go unnoticed that can be the most profound experiences that end up teaching us the most about life and ourselves. Explore slowly with an open mind and watch the world unfold before your eyes.

We have but one life to live, so we better live the best one that we can. No regrets, just progress. Come along with me as I take you on a unqiue personal excursion. You just never know where we’ll end up or what we’ll find along the way.

Enjoy the Journey!

Lori 😁