Hello fellow WorldTrotter!  


I’m Lori and that’s me in the photo above hiking my very first 14,000 ft. peak in Colorado.   Wow, what an adventure that was!

If you’re ready, I’d like to share little bit of my story and my mission for WorldTrotter Lori.  

Grab a nice drink and maybe a snack (or two) and let’s get started.    


Steve, Lori & Murphy

While my home base has been in beautiful Colorado for the past 21 years, I’m currently exploring around the U.S. in a used 28-foot travel trailer with my travel companions Steve and Murphy.  


Steve and I have been adventuring together since I was 18.  Yikes… that’s been almost 30 years now.  


Steve is an IT professional and a humble mastermind.  He’s kind, empathetic, and he caters to all my crazy and wild ideas.   I’m sure you’ll get to meet him along this journey and I might even have him do a couple of guest blogs from time-to-time.    


Then there is our 3 year old travel companion Murphy.  He may be small, but don’t let his size full you.  What he lacks in size he makes up with a fun and adventurous spirit.  I can’t wait for you to see some of the adventures he takes us on.  Gotta make him happy you know.  


I guess that leaves me, Lori.  


This U.S. tour all started after a few life-changing events snapped us back into reality and had us thinking about life a little differently.  


We knew we couldn’t take any of our precious moments left on this earth for granted



We learned that life was just too short and that we needed to live our lives to the fullest right now, not later.  Later may never come and we weren’t about to wait to find out if it did or not.

So now what do we do?!  

Well, we set out to exchange out old lifestyle for a new one.  One that better aligned with our passions and one that would bring us more joy and excitement on a daily basis.  

After a year of saving and planning we had finally realized our new lifestyle and we were so excited, and a bit nervous, I might add.  

We had traded in our corporate desks for virtual ones.  We packed up some essentials from our house, grabbed our travel buddy Murphy, and hit the road with our home on wheels in tow behind us.  We haven’t looked back since.  Well, maybe once or twice just to see if our travel trailer was still following along behind us.  Of course, a legitimate reason to look back.

Since our maiden voyage in October of 2018,  we’ve been exploring  around the U.S. from our Adventure Launch Pad and mixing it up by traveling abroad whenever the opportunity presents itself.  

Our main goal is to experience as many places as we can and share our ever-changing journey with like-minded people like yourself.  Inspiring you to design a lifestyle that better fits your passions and brings you joy and excitement more often.  

Basically, living life on your own terms. 

THe WTL Experience

So what is WorldTrotter Lori all about?  Well, I’m glad you asked!

When Steve and I started this new journey, I knew I was going to have some neat experiences along the way.   I needed a place where I could collect the details from my experiences and share them with others.  That’s when WorldTrotter Lori was born.  

At it’s basic form it’s a written and photographic chronicle of my travels and exploration around the U.S. and beyond.  Capturing unique moments using creative writing and beautiful photography to help tell the story. 

WTL is also an informative resource where like-minded people gather, such as yourself.  Creating a supportive community full of encouragement and valuable knowledge.

Please enjoy the WTL experience and let me know if there is anything I can do to help, I’m only a click away!   




Thank You!!!

I want to personally thank you for being here.  No matter what brought you to my website today, I’m really glad to have you here and I look forward to sharing this fun adventure with you.  

Let’s not put off adventuring any longer, shall we.  Follow along fellow WorldTrotter as we embark on a journey full of unique experiences, wonder, and self-discovery. The world awaits us and we shouldn’t keep the world waiting! 

Get out there and Unleash Your Inner Explorer.   

Happy Exploring!!!

Lori 🙂

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