Unleash your inner explorer

Hi! I'm Lori, curiously exploring our amazing world while capturing beautiful and interesting moments along the way. Learning valuable lessons about life, photography, and exploration. Sharing the entire journey with you, my fellow WorldTrotter. Inspiring you to explore and experience more of what you love, more often.

Hello & Welcome!!!

Hey there fellow WorldTrotter!  My name is Lori Wostal.  I’m an  accountant by trade who frantically woke up one morning realizing my life was flying by way too fast and that I had a lot more exploring and adventuring that I needed to do before it was too late.   Plagued by my quandary, I started to devise a plan to create a life where I could follow my dreams and live every day experiencing my passions.  

I pitched this wild idea to my husband Steve about drastically changing our lifestyle so that we could do more of what we loved more often.  He was all ears!

Since sharing that wild idea, Steve and I went virtual with our careers, purchased an adventure launch pad (a used 28 foot travel trailer), and have been traveling and adventuring the around the U.S. and abroad ever since.  

And… our only regret has been, why didn’t we do it sooner.  

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